UK Bar Offers an Escape Plan for Tinder Dates Gone Wrong

A UK bar put up a sign in their women’s restroom offering assistance in escaping a “Tinder date gone wrong.”

The sign, which has also been added to the men’s room, reads, “Doesn’t look like their picture, or just plain weird? If you’re on a date and it’s not going well, come to the bar and ask for Rachelle or Jennifer and we’ll get you out of it and/or get you a taxi.” The sign goes on to say that, “We will discretely move them away, and if necessary ask them to leave.”

“The idea came about as a natural progression from what we’ve been doing here and at our sister site, the Sunrunner, for years,” James Hanning, the owner of The Brickyard in St. Albans, England told ABC News. “We have always trained the team to be additionally watchful of groups of women to ensure that anyone approaching them was welcome — and we’d discretely ask someone in the group if they were happy and intervene when necessary.”

He said the bar’s current offer, which specifically mentions Tinder, came out of talking with some customers.

“The Tinder enhancement came about after a women asked a manager if the man she was with looked like the photo on her phone,” Hanning said. “It was a light-hearted conversation, but we realized there was a potential for discomfort and thought that a discrete sign would help give dates the confidence to ask for help.”

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